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Truck Oil Coolers
Brisbane Queensland, Australia we freight to Darwin, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth Australia wide including Tasmania for Man, Hino, Mitsibishi, Isuzu, Nissan UD, International, Ford, Kenworth, Mack, Western Star, Volvo, Iveco, DAF, Freightliner, Mercedes, Sterling, Scania and Caterpillar.

Ph: 1300 448 324 (1300 HITECH) Boniface St Archerfield Brisbane.

We have a vast range of oil coolers in stock ready to freight call us for your oil cooler.

Hi Tech can Freight your Oil Cooler in 24hr to anywhere in Australia and Tasmania.

The Hi Tech oil cooler range of off the shelf marine, truck and heavy machinery oil coolers are versatile, robust and high quality we supply Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the Australian Mining Industry.

Our units are adaptable to fit a various range of engine sizes from 35kw (47hp) to 200 kW (270hp) from the four sizes of units we carry in stock. These units are shell and tube bundle combined with a header tank. This includes a pressurised filler cap and sacrificial anodes.

Hi Tech Oil Cooler Rebuilds.

1. Original Steel Hydraulic Cooler

Original oil cooler sent to Hi-Tech Radiators for repairs.
As it was too badly corroded, the experienced staff at Hi-Tech Radiators quoted to manufacture a complete new oil cooler from a universal aluminium plate and bar cooler which is normally completed within 1-2 days.

2. Universal Aluminium Plate and Bar Oil Cooler

As seen above, aluminium plate and bar universal oil cooler. Hi-Tech stock over 200 different part numbers which will cover most oil cooler systems for all makes, models and machines.

3. Modifying New Aluminium Oil Cooler

As seen in above picture the aluminium oil cooler is being cut to size to suit a slightly smaller cooler and prepping holes for all the hose connections and mounting brackets.

4.a. Machining of mount fittings with internal thread

b. Completed aluminium sockets for mounting points

C. Aluminium fittings cut to size ready for welding

Above is a series of pictures of all fittings and brackets being manufactured in house at Hi-Tech Radiators, ready for install onto the new cooler

5. Complete Oil Cooler Ready for Tig Welding

Above Picture shows all fittings, end caps and mounting brackets cut to size and folded ready to alloy weld to new oil cooler core with tanks.

|6. Welding Components to Oil Cooler

With state of the art welding equipment HTR staff can weld pretty much any aluminium parts. So, 20mm billeted tanks and machined fittings onto a new cooler is just a walk in the park.

7. Completed Oil Cooler Plugged Up Waiting for Testing

After HTR staff have completed welding all fittings and hose connections to the cooler, it is then checked through strict quality inspection with making sure all measurements and thread types are correct. Once completed, it is then pressure tested to 180psi submerged in water, checking for leaks.

8. Before and After

This picture shows the original oil cooler in steel on the right with the newly fabricated aluminium cooler on the left.

Steel Cooler VS Aluminium


· Corrodes easily

· Expands and cracks tube joins into main tanks

· Poorly designed with skinny tubes with overhang in round pipe allowing for expansion points


· Far more efficient with anywhere up to 50% greater cooler

· No weak expansion points

· Aluminium expands and contracts a lot easier than steel as there is flex in steel material compared to alloy.

Hi-Tech Radiators can build any cooler to suit any make or model machine, given we have the original unit or if we have it in our extensive CAD library. If all else fails we can do temporary repairs to keep your machine running.

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